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5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Clean

These current and trying times have forced many people to stay and work from home, making your house not only the place where you rest, but also the place where you are spending significantly more of your time. Gateway North Apartments brings you some easy steps and tips to keep your rental apartment or home clean without the need to spend hours on end cleaning or going through the hassle that cleaning entails.

There are many reasons why you should keep your house clean, especially when your days stuck inside are blending together and it seems like you haven’t touched the front doorknob in weeks. You can blame it on health, cleanliness, OCD, or any other factor that you would like, but it’s necessary to keep your surroundings in good shape before it starts to affect you.

Here are five easy ways to make cleaning a smooth activity and help you enjoy your time at home a lot more.

#1 Design

Whether you are moving to a new rental apartment or you are looking for a way to make your current apartment look different, this is the time to design your space with cleaning in mind. The way you place everything in your apartment or home can affect how easy or hard your chores are going to be when you need to do them.

Storing things directly on the floors, under the beds, or on your closet floors (aside from shoes, of course) can mean that sweeping and vacuuming can become a much more complicated task than it should be. If you need to move everything to higher ground every time you need to do this activity, you are going to want to do it less and less — besides, we think is safe to assume that no one likes a cluttered living arrangement where the apartment is the next best prospect for the show “Hoarders.”

#2 Workload

Some people like to clean their homes all in one go, and some people don’t like to clean their houses at all. No matter what your style of clean is, you can always apply the method to clean a little every day.

You can set up a day to clean a bathroom, the next day tackle the living room, and keep doing it that way until you have gone through every corner of your home. You can also force yourself to do an extra item each day to finish in less time. That way, you can enjoy a clean place without needing to work on it every single day.

If you are moving to a new rental apartment, consider completing a deep clean before placing all your belongings in their proper place. This will help you, if you keep this spread workload method, to maintain your clean house with less effort.


#3 Unloading Zones

One part of your apartment that you always go through is the front door or entrance area. If you have articles of clothing that you’re always putting on and taking off as you go in and out of your apartment, you can have a designated unloading zone to drop it all there (in an arranged way) to avoid leaving your accessories, shoes, backpacks, and other items throughout the house — this not only makes it look like a hurricane went through the house, but it also makes finding your items a lot more complicated.

Having a small table, a carpet for your shoes, and a coat hanger near or next to the entrance can give you a space to unload everything you bring in and one place to pick it all back up when you need to go out again.

#4 Junk & Trash

Keeping your trash and junk out of sight is a good visual upgrade for your surroundings, which can help you with how much you like the place where you are living. If you are constantly taking your trash out and not leaving a mess around, this can be beneficial for your overall health, as having trash laying around breeds fungi, bacteria, and sometimes harmful fumes that can deteriorate your health if exposed to them for too long.

Also, maintaining the appearance of not only your place but also your environment outside the apartment can be beneficial in the same way. That’s why at Gateway North Apartments, we are always making sure that all our outdoor areas and shared amenities are cleaned and sanitized. We want to provide you with an ambient environment that makes you smile every time you see it.

If the place you are living at the moment does not provide this or any of our amenities, get in contact with us to check our openings and our beautiful and comfortable floor plans!


#5 Keep Working Areas Always Clean

If you are working from home and have that special area that you are using as an office, studio, or for DIY hobbies, make sure to keep it clean — spotless, if you can — always. Cleanliness helps with productivity and peace of mind. If you are trying to get work done in an area where you can barely place a stack of papers, the materials you are working with, or even a pad to take notes, it can bring extra unnecessary stress to your work, bring productivity down, and possibly discourage you from working more.

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